M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

For Advisors who want to help their clients prepare their businesses for sale

As an M&A advisor, I have two goals: to help people sell their businesses and to help the advisors who work with business owners—financial advisors, accountants, M&A lawyers, etc.—bring additional value to their clients so that the advisors and their clients see more success. The reason for the first goal is obvious—I’m in mergers and acquisitions; it’s what I do! But you might be wondering about the second.

Right now, across this country and beyond, there are countless people who think that, when they are ready to retire, they are going to call up an M&A advisor and sell their middle market businesses. Most of them will want to sell to a buyer with enough capital to allow the business and employees to thrive. And that makes sense. But achieving these goals requires preparation.

As advisors to these people, it is up to us to make sure they have the information they need to achieve their future goals. To that end, I’ve created this site with what I hope is helpful succession planning and M&A information that may allow you to assist clients in preparing their businesses for sale. You’ll also find information about me and my services, included primarily for advisors I currently work with so they can, if they wish, introduce to me their clients when it is time for them to choose an M&A advisor.

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Readers tell me it’s not always what they want to hear but they appreciate having the information so they can make stronger decisions. This, to me, is great news, because it’s better for us as advisors to know what our clients are up against early in the game so we can help them position themselves for a better outcome when they are ready to sell their businesses.