M&A Transaction Services for Business Advisors

As mentioned on other pages, I only work with clients that have been referred to me by the business advisors they work with, or by past clients. This way, I know that the client has been working on preparing the business for sale and is actually ready to go to market. If you’re a business owner who wants to talk to me about M&A transaction services, please talk to the business advisor you have been working with to prepare for the sale about getting in touch with me.

If you are a business advisor considering referring a client to me, I ask that you ensure that your client is reasonably prepared. A read through the succession planning and M&A process sections of this site and a few in-depth conversations with your client should give you a good idea of whether the business is ready to be taken to market.

In general, I work with owners of middle market businesses who:

  • Have profitable companies with strong prospects for future growth
  • Have, or soon will have, management running day-to-day operations
  • Are ready to retire but care very much about the future of the company
  • Want a buyer with enough capital to grow the business
  • Prefer a buyer that will respect the seller’s wishes and enable the company to achieve the seller’s vision for the company and its employees
  • Are ethical and willing to work in partnership with me to achieve their goals